How to Become a Private Investigator in Victoria, Australia

Want to kickstart your career as a private investigator?


The good news: The process to get qualified as a private investigator is a relatively easy one. You will need to complete the government-accredited course certificate III in investigative services.


Once you complete this course, provided you are over 18 years of age and an Australian citizen with a clean criminal record, you can apply to Victoria police for your Victorian Private Investigator’s license.


The bad news? While such a course will provide you with the theoretical knowledge of the laws and regulations investigators need to know, you will not get practical experience. At best, you may get a few days of practical surveillance work throughout the whole course. You may not even leave the classroom.  


As the job title suggests, you earn your keep as a private investigator through gaining and refining your investigation skills. And you can only learn these skills in the field.


Even if you have been lucky enough to be mentored by a more experienced investigator, you may have picked up bad habits that won’t serve you well as a budding investigator.


Once you are licensed, it’s down to you to get the work done and prove yourself to an agency. You are only as good as your last job, and if you don’t have the surveillance expertise needed for success, you may blow any chances of getting more work from that agency. 


Given the highly complex and specialised nature of a private investigator’s work, real-world investigative experience is essential to set yourself up for an accomplished career as an investigator.


Rivica’s Surveillance Course: bridging the skills gap for licensed investigators.


To help licensed investigators gain practical experience, Rivica has developed a course that arms graduates with the skills investigative agencies look for in recruits.


This course will help you learn the correct surveillance techniques and help you build a deeper understanding of the art of surveillance. 


In this six-day intensive course, you will learn the foundations to build a solid career as a private investigator, including:

how to gather, secure and compile reports so that evidence is accepted in court. 

advice on the best technology software for private investigators and how to use it. 

five days in the field, gaining practical investigative experience, all while learning investigative best practices. 

real-time feedback, tips and tricks on dealing with the everyday issues investigators will encounter when in the field. 


The course will equip you with industry-leading professional skills that will make you an asset to any agency (or your own practice).


You will also have the chance to start or continue your career at Rivica. All our investigators are graduates of this course.


Hear from one of our graduates


Having completed the private investigator course, Antonio is an investigator at Rivica. 


And he credits his professional success to the lessons learnt when he went through the course as a budding investigator. 


“Throughout my professional career, I always find myself thinking back to the techniques I learnt from Richard in his surveillance course.”


“From what I have gathered in the industry, no one works to the high standard that Richard does, and in his surveillance course, he trains you to that standard. 


Even a veteran would learn new skills and benefit from this course, so if you are just starting out as a private investigator, consider it a shortcut to professional success.”


Your educator: Richard James


Richard is the Founder and Managing Director of Rivica.


He has over three decades of experience working as a private investigator in both Australia and the UK.


And in that time, he has trained government agencies, the Australian Federal Police, ASIO, and militaries.


Richard combines the industry’s best methodologies, techniques and technology with sound strategy, effective communication and experienced investigative management. 


Want to take the next step in your career as a private investigator?


Click this link to find out more about the surveillance course


And if you would like to find out more about becoming a private investigator, don’t hesitate to contact us.


Specialising in surveillance investigations, RIVICA Investigations & Covert Solutions is one of Melbourne’s most reputable private investigation agencies. Our professional infidelity investigators are highly experienced and understand exactly what is required to catch a cheating partner or spouse.

Contacting a private investigator is free of charge and completely confidential.

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