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Locating People

Efficient Skip Tracing

Do you, or the organisation you work for, need to find an individual who’s proving difficult to trace? We can help. The Rivica team are experts in finding people who don’t want to be found. Also known as skip tracing, we are able to locate persons across the country. Suitable for a wide range of different circumstances, when it comes to finding people who can’t be contacted or located through conventional methods, private investigations can be a highly effective solution. Give us a call for a FREE, no-obligation quote.

Why use a professional for skip tracing?

Using a professional tracing agency to track down an individual can have a range of benefits, including:

Time Saving

Organisations can waste large amounts of precious resources pursuing individuals who just don't want to be found. As experienced professionals, Rivica knows exactly what to do to find the person you want to contact quickly and efficiently.

Access to Information

Some information is only available to organisations who subscribe to particular data sets. Rivica has access to records and data which aren't available to everyone, increasing the chances of successfully locating the person you're looking for.

Highly Professional

Our team are tech professionals who are able to trawl digital sources for the information needed to swiftly triangulate your skip's location. Highly trained and experienced, we are able to search without raising any suspicion that a trace is in progress.

Who is professional tracing suitable for?

Our skip tracing service is suitable for:

Our background in governmental and law-enforcement surveillance means we have the very latest tracing knowledge and technology at our finger-tips.
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