Circumstantial Investigations

Circumstantial Investigations

In addition to our covert investigation services, we also offer high-quality evidence and information gathering for incidents that have already taken place (circumstantial or factual investigations). Particularly in the course of a corporate investigation, or if it appears that fraudulent claims have been made, there is a need to gather coherent, reliable evidence to build a suitable case. There are specific procedures that need to be followed in order to gather evidence correctly: if you’re completing a workplace investigation and want to ensure high-calibre evidence is collected, Rivica are ideally placed to help.

What does Rivica offer?

The Rivica team consists of highly experienced and well-trained private investigation professionals. With a background in policing, government security and related fields, Rivica can provide evidence-gathering skills that are probably the best in Melbourne.

We are able to:
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When might you need a circumstantial investigation?

Work-related irregularities such as workers’ fraud or theft from the workplace are the most common situations where a circumstantial investigation is required. Having the right evidence in place enables you to proceed through the relevant internal disciplinary and/or legal proceedings confidently, knowing that you’ve got the evidence required and that nothing has been overlooked. In addition to workplace matters, we are also able to collect evidence for civil proceedings or to inform insurance claims in order to optimise your chances of a successful payout.
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