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Fox FM Private Investigator

Richard James – Private Investigator Initial interview on Fox FM.

Fifi, Fev & Nick are giving you the opportunity to hire their PI, meet Richard.

Our PI exposes stories from his past

Our private investigator Richard gives us full insight into his past cases.

Client #1 – Catch Them If You Can

Potential client #1 calls in wanting to use our private investigator for Fifi, Fev & Nick’s Catch Them If
You Can.

Part 1: Our client sends the PI out to task

Fifi, Fev & Nick’s & Catch Them If You Can kicks off! Our client joins us in studio
alongside our PI to reveal her needs.

Part 2: Our PI makes an eerie discovery

Our PI has been out overnight tracking the partner of our client, and what he finds is

Part 3: Our PI digs deeper

After our PI eerily discovered our subject dragging heavy bags at the beach, he continues his
search to piece together the subject’s motives.

Part 4: Our PI delivers the results

After numerous days of tracking her husband, the client receives the results from our private

Client #2 – Catch Them If You Can Part 1:

We’re going for Round 2 with our private investigator, and a brand new case with
Client #2 wanting to track her husband after noticing some suspicious activity.

Part 2: PI raises suspicious activity

Our PI reports back to client #2 with suspicious activity from her husband.

Part 3: PI makes unexpected discovery

Client #2’s case spices after our PI discovers that the client’s husband has been
meeting up with a mystery colleague.

Part 4: Our client reacts to bad news

After a few days if tracking her husband, our PI delivers unfortunate results to our
client #2.

Fox Pi Photoshoot

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