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Private Investigation

Do you need a private investigator (PI)? From conducting covert surveillance in order to gather evidence on fraud in the workplace through to collecting information to inform a child custody court case, there are all sorts of reasons why individuals or companies may need the services of PI. Finding an experienced surveillance company that has the right skills, knowledge and professionalism to get you the results you need is vital: Rivica is the perfect solution. With decades of experience and practical knowledge, we offer an expert PI service in and around Melbourne.

Why use Rivica for your covert evidence gathering?

At Rivica, we offer a unique blend of expertise, professionalism and technical skills that you just won’t find anywhere else.

Not only are we time-served, versatile investigators who are as at home in the digital surveillance world as undercover in almost any workplace, we even teach other PIs through our groundbreaking training course. We work with professionals who already hold CERT III in Investigative Services, complementing their knowledge and honing their skills with our advanced training.

Even if other PI agencies have experienced professionals on their team, what they don’t have is Richard James! A highly experienced former police officer, with additional expertise in detecting government corruption, Richard has nearly thirty years of experience in the field to draw on.
Passionate about undercover work, Richard’s pro-active, professional approach ensures a high success rate.

When you use us, you’re working with surveillance experts who have decades of experience behind them. We know all the tricks that people use to avoid detection, which means we also have the strategies needed to overcome them. Give us a call for a FREE, no-obligation quote.

Our team has access to information that isn’t readily available in the public arena. We use technology to do everything from de-bug your surroundings to gathering evidence of infidelity, harassment or fraud. We have invested heavily in cutting-edge tech, enabling us to provide highly advanced surveillance if required.

We offer a highly professional service: experts in undercover work, our team can fit any persona needed to blend in and get the job done. Whether you need agents to pose as businessmen, factory floor workers, or almost anything else, we have the capacity to play the role perfectly. Why not ask for a FREE quote for our services?
Adaptable, diligent and results-orientated, we offer a swift PI solution that gets you the outcomes you need. Call now for a FREE quote.

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Surveillance Investigation: The Key to Swift Resolution

The world we live in requires quick solutions and timely solutions, especially when it comes to personal and business investigations. Here comes the importance and relevance of realm surveillance investigation. It is a combination of cutting-edge technology, proven methodology and strategic planning used together to assist clients in resolving their cases rapidly.

Why is Surveillance Investigation so vital?

Picture this: An organisation grappling with internal theft or a family battling unresolved mysteries. Traditional investigations might provide some answers, but it’s the real-time data and evidentiary support from surveillance that ensures a more holistic and efficient resolution. Whether it’s tracking a subject, monitoring a location or understanding patterns, surveillance investigation crafts an undeniable narrative, making it an indispensable tool in the modern investigative arsenal.

Our Expert Surveillance Investigator Team: Going Beyond the Call of Duty

At RIVICA Investigations and Covert Solutions, we are not just a company; we are the representatives of trustworthy and professional services.

Here are five reasons our Surveillance Investigator team stands out:

Experienced Personnel: With over 30 years of collective experience, our surveillance private investigator team comprises industry veterans who bring wisdom, insight and unparalleled skills to every case.

State-of-the-art Tools: Harnessing the latest in surveillance technology, our investigators ensure accurate, precise and tamper-proof evidence.
Client-Centric Approach: Understanding unique client needs, we offer tailored solutions, ensuring that every investigation is aligned with the client’s objectives.

Ethical Standards: Our commitment to ethical investigation is unwavering, ensuring every piece of evidence is obtained legally and without infringing on personal rights.

Holistic Services: Beyond just surveillance, our team is adept in Security Investigation Services, ensuring an all-rounded approach to problem-solving.

Private Investigator Surveillance: RIVICA – Melbourne’s Trusted Choice

When it comes to private investigator surveillance, RIVICA Investigations and Covert Solutions is a name synonymous with excellence in Melbourne. But what makes us the top choice for clients? It’s our relentless commitment to delivering results. The investigations are not just about gathering evidence but offering clients peace of mind. Our extensive and diverse team collaborates seamlessly, drawing on each member’s strengths to provide a service that’s both comprehensive and efficient.

Additionally, our services are not confined to just surveillance investigation. The inclusion of security investigation ensures that we’re equipped to tackle a myriad of challenges, from personal dilemmas to corporate problems.

The Importance of Comprehensive Security Investigation Services

In a world fraught with uncertainties, the value of comprehensive investigative services like security investigation services and surveillance private investigators is high. They provide a protective shield, ensuring clients’ personal and professional domains remain uncompromised.

At RIVICA, these services are more than just offerings – they embody our goals and objectives. We recognise the evolving challenges our clients face, and in response, we constantly adapt, innovate and expand our services. Our mission is simple: to provide a sanctuary of trust, reliability and excellence in investigative solutions.

Whether it’s a discreet personal investigation or a complex corporate case, RIVICA Investigations and Covert Solutions remain dedicated to upholding the highest standards of professionalism and efficacy. Our rich history, combined with our forward-thinking approach, makes us the preferred choice for all investigative needs in Melbourne.