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Are you the victim of online Ip theft, a copyright breach, harassment, slander or defamation?

Let us PROVIDE THE SOLuTION with our website & social media EVIDENCE COLLECTION

Modern life is digital. As online interactions increase, so does the need for website and social media evidence collections.

Social media and web evidence can make or break cases – but it is all too easily lost, destroyed, or invalidated. From internal disputes through to legal challenges, the ability to reliably capture web evidence is essential.

Manually capturing web page or social media evidence is unreliable and time-consuming. Authenticating social media evidence can be a challenge and risk the evidence being thrown out at court.

We will gather legally admissible web evidence, and provide you with the indisputable evidence for your matter.


Capture evidence imediately

If we can see it, we will capture it. We will instantly preserve web pages and social media profiles and provide you with the evidence. Our captured content is immediately preserved as forensically-defensible evidence.


Auto-expand comments and replies

Save time and frustration. We will expand long collapsed posts, comment threads, and replies, ensuring hidden content is captured without you having to manually expand these sections and take numerous screens shots.


Export evidence in any format

We will generate defensible evidence for you case and can provide your evidence in different formats, OCR PDF, MHTML, or WARC. The OCR PDF and MHTML file formats provide the full context of content and are completely searchable.

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Quick Collections

We will collect and preserve social media and website content immediately. Securing the evidence before it gets taken down or deleted.

Defensible Evidence

Digital evidence requires proof of authenticity under the Rules of Evidence. We will generate authenticated evidence that will stand up in court. All our evidence captures are provided with a 256-bit digital signature and timestamps using a certified Stratum-1 atomic clock.

Expanded Investigations

Being available to our clients around the clock, we will provide a quick, evidence capture, you can use to greatly expand your online investigations.

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Our online evidence capture Key Features:

Our web capture software enables instant, automated collection of web and social media evidence. Fast and reliable – our social media ediscovery tools is an essential part of our SOCMINT arsenal.

Capture Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and More…

We can turn any social media profile into authenticated evidence. Just tells us the profile, we will set the preservation parameters and preserve your content. We can capture the entire profile or only what’s relevant, and easily export that evidence in a defensible format that can be submitted to the court.



Find out the TRUTH – Take control of your situation!

Full Website Capture

We can preserve entire websites avoiding the usual JavaScript-based snags encountered with most web crawlers. The software we use does not only includes a sophisticated web crawler but also features a proprietary web-harvesting “bulk capture” tool that allows us to any type of web domain (or sections thereof).

Automated Video Capture

We are able to also preserve the embedded video content as forensic evidence. We will collect all videos within your specified preservation scope, and make them available for immediate download, along with all other associated content. 

Don’t juggle multiple tools, and you don’t have to live with simple file exports that can be doctored, or risk the suggestion by opposing counsel that the videos you collected might be deepfakes. Allow us to capture the evidence to ensure its continuity and acceptance.

We will Capture Evidence Immediately

Social media posts can be altered quickly. If you delay because you are unsure how to proceed, you may lose the opportunity for secure the evidence.  During that time, the available evidence may change significantly. We will preserve your online evidence immediately, greatly reducing the likelihood that it will be edited and/or deleted by a third party before collection.

We Automate the Collection Process

Investigators often complain that social media preservation is slow and frustrating work. Social media content often requires manual expansion to be visible, such as comments and replies on Facebook. A 500-page Facebook timeline may be well over 3,000 pages long after expanding all hidden content. This can take hours, sometimes days if done manually. Allow us to reduce your workflow and take on this process entirely — allowing you to focus on other work as we take care of the web based evidence.

We Preserve with Confidence

When using an API-based collection tool, have your Facebook examiner accounts been flagged as suspicious and locked? Are you pulling your hair out because this happens again and again, crippling your eDiscovery team? Our preservation method does not prompt Facebook to flag accounts as suspicious. No flagged accounts, no suggested friends, no IP trails, no locked accounts, and no activity traced back to you.

Depend on RIVICA Investigations & Covert Solutions

Say good bye to manual evidence collection using multiple tools  —  we provide dependable and specialised website and social media captures and provide you with  a verifiable evidence in the searchable formats you need.