Do You Have A Doubt or A Gut feeling that Your Partner is Cheating On You? You Need to ACT NOW!

Infidelity Investigators Melbourne

You Deserve to know if your partner is cheating on you!

Statistics indicate that almost 50% of men and 35% of women have reported an affair in their marriage.You need to act now if you have a suspicion or gut feeling concerning your partner. Its about time you restored your peace of mind. RIVICA has been serving clients from all walks of life for the last 30 years.

We can help you with:
  • Infidelity Investigations
  • Cheating Wife Investigations
  • Cheating Partner Investigations
  • Child Custody Investigations
  • Cheating Husband Investigations
  • Spy on Cheating Spouse   
Some warning signs to look out for
  • A recent change in routine like arriving late from work. 
  • Overprotective or secretive with their phones, tablets & laptops. 
  • Hostile or irritable for no apparent reason.  

If you have observed any of these signs in your partner, schedule a FREE, no-obligation call with one of our expert Private InvestigatorsWe are available 24/7. 

We remove the pain of uncertainty from difficult situations. Let us help you discover the TRUTH! Hire someone to find out if your partner is cheating! 



Every day we interact with our clients from all walks of life under circumstances that are extremely testing and trying. We understand that every situation is unique and needs to be handled differently. However, there’s one thing in common in every case we handle – We do it with utmost compassion & professionalism. 

 We are relentless – We run 24/7 – We will find the TRUTH

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Research indicates 50% of men & 35% of women report an affair in their marriage. Individuals who were unfaithful in a previous relationship are 3 times more likely to cheat. More than 30,000 Australians cheat on their partners every month.


How Do We Help You Catch A Cheating Partner

Infidelity cases are extremely delicate as they can have a profound impact on relationships, whether your partner is faithful or not.  Whether you suspect you need an investigator for a cheating husband or cheating wife investigation, we recommend waiting until we can provide fact-based evidence that will either disprove or validate your suspicion before approaching your partner. While this can be tough, don’t risk your relationship on unsubstantiated claims, contact RIVICA first

When undertaking any new investigation, we will sit down and discuss the scope of the infidelity with you and collect any information that can help us with conducting the investigation.

Any information you provide us will be kept completely confidential and we will keep you updated throughout the course of the investigation. Using RIVICA’s collective experience of 30 years of police and investigative work, as well as high-end investigative equipment, we look to determine the validity of the infidelity claim. This will be achieved through our agents direct observations and corroborated by video or photographic evidence of your partner or spouse’s behaviour. At RIVICA, we don’t deal in hearsay and only provide 100% objective and factual evidence for your viewing.

We can provide you with a strategy to get the answers you deserve. No case is too difficult for RIVICA Investigations. If your partner is cheating, we will do our utmost to catch them.

Association of Investigators & Security ProfessionalsHow Does RIVICA Conducts Infidelity Investigations
Being a certified member of the Association of Investigators & Security Professionals, we are bound by a strict code of ethics.

  • We conduct our investigation with Honesty, Sincerity, Integrity, Fidelity, Morality and Good Conscience.

  • We reserve our client’s confidence under any circumstances except where it is contrary to civil law.

  • All investigations are conducted within legal bounds with utmost privacy and professional ethics.

  •  We are fully transparent with our fees, charges and render full and factual reports

  •  We counsel our clients against illegal or unethical course of conduct. 

What some of our past clients have said about us!

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I had a sense of frustration and an unsettle feeling so I knew the only way to resolve it would be to find someone who was empathetic, understood my position, had integrity and was going to listen to me without judging me. After speaking with Richard and seeing the endless positive reviews I had no doubts or hesitations to move forward. Richard is very professional and kept me in the loop throughout the entire process. I would absolutely recommend RIVICA and the team for anyone looking for true peace of mind.
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Richard was amazing and so professional. He assisted me immediately when i needed him urgently. He was so understanding, very efficient, reliable, trustworthy and kept me informed at all times. I cannot explain how great he is and I would recommend anyone to go with him. Thank you Richard, you are the best!
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Richard and his team were wonderful. They were extremely professional and their work was completely satisfactory. Very easy to work with. Compassionate and very helpful with wise and cost saving suggestions. With their help our problem was able to be addressed for more swiftly than if we hadn’t had their valuable help. I recommend them most highly.
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There is not enough stars to rate Richard and his team at RIVICA. I highly recommend this company for a number of reasons. The professionalism and prompt response, reliability and efficiency is only some of the many great aspects this company comprises of. I dealt with Richard on a few occasions and his work is undoubtedly of top quality. He kept me informed at all times and produced a very professional and descriptive investigative report. Thank you Richard and the team at RIVICA for your exceptional work.
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I had concerns that my partner was cheating on me and I wanted to be proven wrong. I initially started to complete the application but fear had stepped in and I had changed my mine. Richard must have come across my application and he had contacted me. Richard and I started to talk about my situation. He was very professional and didn’t pass judgement on why I needed to do this; he understood that I needed a peace of mind as my fear was clouding my headspace and judgement. He showed me a lot of empathy and was an empathic listener. He was very thorough how this investigation would take place, as I was very anxious. During the investigation he would text me or call and he gave me descriptive detail what he was seeing. After the investigation, Richard went beyond his role and out of courtesy and genuine concern he had contacted me the next day to check on my well being. I had never met Richard yet but for some reason I had a lot of trust and respect for him. I highly recommend Richard as it’s not about the job or money, he really does care about easing people’s fears and giving them a peace of mind so that they can have closure. Thank you Richard
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I would like to say I couldn’t have asked for better service understanding and commitment from the first phone to the last even tho I didn’t receive the answer I was looking for that day I received excellent service, phones calls text through out the day enabling me to feel at ease. Would highly recommend these guys Thank you so much again
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I contacted Rivica investigations when I was at my lowest point. Speaking to Richard was the most comforting experience and decided to go ahead immediately. I cannot speak highly enough about Richard and his professionalism. I was provided with exactly what I needed from them and continued Personal support from Richard. I highly recommend Rivica for their professional and experienced service.


Find out the TRUTH – Take control of your situation!


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