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Technical Surveillance Counter measures (Bug Sweeping)

TSCM ( Bug Sweeping)

Are you under surveillance? Until recently, being under surveillance was largely considered to be the stuff of films and international espionage. The reality is that advances in technology, increased availability and easy accessibility have combined to make it easier than ever for surveillance to be conducted. As well as frequent instances where it’s used in industry as a tool to capture confidential information, it’s now a tool that’s becoming more widely used by private individuals in order to gather information for use in court cases, for blackmailing purposes, or to share with government agencies.

There are all sorts of reasons why an individual or an organisation could be under unwelcome surveillance. Whilst in some cases there is an obvious motive for surveillance (capturing information on sensitive trade information, for example), a significant amount of surveillance is in place on a “just in case” basis. Even if you’ve no grounds to suspect surveillance, if you’ve got information you don’t want in the public domain (or to fall into someone else’s hands), one of Rivica’s counter surveillance bug sweep services could be a good investment. Ask us for a FREE quote.

As experts in private investigations, our experienced, skilled crew have access to a range of premium TSCM equipment that can be used to detect the presence of bugs, traces and similar devices. Rivica use the same cutting-edge technology that federal or law-enforcement agencies would use. This enables us to find sophisticated tracking equipment, no matter where it’s located.

Modern surveillance equipment can be concealed almost anywhere. In some cases (for example when intercepting phone calls), physical equipment might be located in another building or operated from a vehicle. Physical bugs can be hidden in anything from calculators to software on computers, light switches, air conditioners, door handles and more. Even if you take antisurveillance precautions, all it takes is one slip or a moment’s inattention, and a bug can be installed.

Counter-surveillance for peace-of-mind

Surveillance may be authorised (for example surveillance from government agencies), or unauthorised (with criminal intent). Regardless of the reason, our team will be able to swiftly track down sources of surveillance in your home, office, business, vehicles, hotel room or other location.
The Rivica team are highly skilled professionals, with backgrounds in law enforcement and federal security. Call us now for a FREE quote.