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Counter surveillance

Counter Surveillance Services

Could you be under surveillance and not know it? There are all sorts of reasons why people may end up being tracked or watched without their knowledge, which is where counter surveillance can help. Counter surveillance involves “tracking the trackers”: carrying out covert surveillance on whoever is watching you, in order to establish their identity and what their motive might be.

Rivica can get the job done

Private investigators across Melbourne, Rivica’s expert team are able to carry out effective, fast counter-surveillance that swiftly establishes who’s keeping tabs on your everyday activities, and the potential risk that might pose. In addition, if you’re being watched by someone who shouldn’t be anywhere near you (someone under an AVO, for example), our findings can be used as evidence in court. Call now for a FREE quote.

We can detect espionage

The Rivica team are a group of seasoned professionals who are well-used to completing covert surveillance work in a range of different environments. With backgrounds in the police, government security and related fields, Rivica team members have an excellent understanding of the equipment and techniques needed to do everything from a bug sweep through to carrying out surveillance on you and your property to find out who, if anyone, is keeping you under surveillance.

Discreet, highly professional counter-surveillance

Despite what you might see in films, real-life counter-surveillance professionals are highly qualified, meticulous in their approach and blend discreetly with your workforce, your friends or your household staff. We can carry out counter-surveillance no matter where you go or what your schedule might be, working tirelessly to provide you with the information you need on the surveillance you’re experiencing.
Get in touch to find out more about the counter-surveillance measures we can put in place, or to find out more about private investigation options. Call for a FREE QUOTE.