RIVICA Investigations & Covert Solutions Pty Ltd, are extremely pleased to be affiliated with Brad Lyons and ThinkEDU.


Advanced Skip Trace Training Course – $1200 plus GST

RIVICA Investigations & Covert Solutions Pty Ltd, are very pleased to be able to add this training course to the suit of specialised courses now available for the investigative industry.

Next course 22nd of August in Sydney – Contact us for details

This advanced course is directed towards professionals in the industry, if you are a skip tracer, private investigator or freelancer in the area this course is for you.

Once you have completed this course you will have the knowledge to take on more demanding cases that come with higher rewards. This area of skip tracing is suitable for anyone already in the industry and people wanting to learn the investigation side of skip tracing or interested in getting into investigations.

Learning how to profile people is a very valuable skill to have, private investigation courses and skip tracing courses do not offer this type of training. This course makes you stand out and opens the doors to many opportunities.

Social Engineering is another valuable skill that is used in multiple industries, yet it is not taught. This course will introduce you to social engineering and cover ways to master this area.

When we teach this course to investigators and people looking to get into the industry, skip tracing is just one part of your role. Your a business owner, so teaching you how to skip trace to increase success and give you an edge over the rest is not everything you need to be successful.

How to run a skip tracing business, who your clients are, what to charge, when to charge, how to manage large volumes of files and communicate with clients is vital. This is the closing part of our course! We give you the knowledge and help you master the art of skip tracing. We then give you the knowledge to master your business.

The course is split into two parts.

Part one: In class training.

The course will commences at 0900hrs and will run till 1700hrs, allowing for a 30 minute lunch and 2 x 15 minute breaks. (Lunch, morning and afternoon refreshments will be provided).

Part two: After the course students will be given homework to complete in their own time. There is no pass or fail with this course, however to get feedback on their understanding of the training and skills learnt, the students will receive a one on one follow up call with the instructor. If students do not complete the homework they will miss out on this opportunity to do some additional live sessions post course.

All students will get one (1) live one on one session with Brad Lyons post course. This will be completed via call and screen share. The student and Brad will go through their homework and do a live skip trace. This will also be an opportunity to discuss about what they want to do in the future, any opportunities and to ask any questions.

In these one on one sessions, this is your chance to go over your business plan, ask for advice on setting up your business plan. Marketing advice, software or how to attract more traffic to your site.

Once you have completed both stages of the course, you still have support. We frequently gets students calling us when they first get clients and live files to work This is the best time to do another screen share with Brad Lyons so you want watch a live skip tracing being conducted, on a file that makes you money.

This course covers the following areas

About the instructor

Brad Lyons is a career skip tracer with numerous years and successful traces under his belt.

Brad Lyons background includes:-

History in Debt Collections.
Active developer for OSINT in Australia and overseas.
Been a part of Detective Desk from the first thought of it until today.
Locates Australia’s most wanted and criminals for governments.
Worked as a PI in Australia and overseas.
Teaches Government, Banks, Debt Collections, Insurance and other private and publicly listed companies in Skip tracing, compliance and social engineering both in Australia and overseas.
Consultant to banks, government and other private and publicly listed companies in Australia and overseas.
Runs open community projects that focuses on locating missing people.

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