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Feedback for the Xtreme Life Wi-Fi Night Vision Smoke detector

A covert camera solution in the workplace!

Last year we had an Investigation company come to us requesting advise as to how to obtain evidence that their clients employees were stealing from the staff lockers.
After discussing with the Company as to their clients needs, we recommended and supplied them with the SC7100WF, the Night Vision Smoke Detector camera DVR with wifi – side view.

The Company deployed the devise into the hall way with its focus on the staff lockers that were in the hallway. Note that this was not a locker room or a change room, as this was one of our main concerns in recommending deploying covert cameras into the work place.(Surveillance Devices (Workplace Privacy) Act 2006 Vic). 
The camera was supplied; with a spare battery in order for the client to be able to charge and then ‘Hot Swop’ the battery, deployed over a number of weeks.
Although during the period when the Investigation Company was retained no theft was identified, the client was so pleased with the units that they kept the cameras and they remain deployed to monitor and identify any further thefts going into the future.
The KJB Extreme life Wi-Fi cameras allow easy remote viewing anywhere using the free EZ-See app. Event notifications alert you when the hidden camera has noticed activity at your home or office. You can connect multiple cameras and view live streaming video from all devices on your tablet, smart phone or PC.
Their cameras are supplied in various different hides to suit the environment they need to be deployed into.
For further information on this and other products supplied by RIVICA Investigation & Covert Solutions please visit our products page at https://rivica.com.au/products/

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