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Body worn cameras providing irrefutable evidence!

Lawsuit challenges NYPD body camera policy One of; if not the, largest police force in the world are now using body worn cameras to gather evidence and protect themselves against false allegations and litigation. They are still working through the details on their use, but it won't be long before every police [...]

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Congratulations from RIVICA Investigations & Covert Solutions

KJB Security Products 25 Year Anniversary "We at RIVICA Investigations & Covert Solutions Pty Ltd, are extremely pleased to be associated with KJB Security Products and would like to congratulate Jill Johnston and everyone at KJB for providing quality products and exceptional customer service in the [...]

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Next surveillance course hosted by RIVICA Investigations & Covert Solutions – 3rd APRIL 2017 – (Melbourne Victoria)

After a successful February Surveillance course where our students pulled off a fantastic team performance during the final exercise in which they successfully carried out surveillance on the principle, despite his protection detail of five security/ bodyguards, (See Blog Pushing Students to another level), RIVICA Investigations & Covert Solutions has just released their next [...]

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Feedback for the Xtreme Life Wi-Fi Night Vision Smoke detector

A covert camera solution in the workplace! Last year we had an Investigation company come to us requesting advise as to how to obtain evidence that their clients employees were stealing from the staff lockers. After discussing with the Company as to their clients needs, we recommended and supplied them with the [...]

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Pushing students to another level!

RIVICA Investigation & Covert Solutions has just delivered another successful Surveillance Course and challenged the attendees with an extremely difficult final assignment. Well the weather was very hot in Melbourne last week and the challenges the students met on their final exercise, were even hotter! We started the week off at ISTA in Melbourne [...]

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Upcoming Surveillance Course

We are excited to be running our surveillance course again this Monday, and looking forward to putting some of the new LawMate and KJB products into the hands of the students to trial and practice with. As part of the training they will learn tips and tricks on how to obtain covert footage and [...]

Review of LawMate # PV-PB20l  – Power Bank Wi-Fi HD DVR

Review of LawMate # PV-PB20l We have had a chance to review the Lawmate #PV-PB20l, the power bank style DVR with built in camera and Wifi. What we found different to the previous Lawmate units that also offer (P2P) Wifi, is that this unit not only [...]

The best and worst ways to spot a liar

When training investigators to interview witnesses or individuals who are suspected of being involved in misconduct, a crime or anything else they may not want to tell the investigator, we look at everything from different interview techniques, different styles of questioning, to reading body language. For those who know me and my views [...]

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RIVICA Investigations & Covert Solutions moving into the New Year

It was a great end to 2016 for me, travelling back the UK and re igniting some old friendships and more importantly catching up with ex work colleagues at my home Police Force. I was fortunate enough to be invited for a tour around the new covert premises where all the Police covert and [...]

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Tethered drone reins in the complexity

While it's impressive that today's consumer drones can do things like track objects and follow pre-programmed flight paths, the fact is that most users will probably never utilize those functions. Really, most people just use the things to get pictures from up high. With that in mind, [...]

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