Forensic phone examination

Forensic examination of mobile phones

With more and more of our work and online interactions and transactions being carried out on mobile phones, it’s important to be confident that your data is secure. Unfortunately, it’s all too easy for your phone to become hacked or infected with a virus, especially if you use open-access public wifi networks to access sites. These can make your phone slow and hard to use and can even make it challenging to access some of the data saved on the phone.

These days many of our precious memories are stored directly on a phone and the thought of losing access to photos and videos can be very upsetting. Luckily it is often possible to retrieve these memories using our specialist data recovery services.

Additionally, with much of our communications occurring via mobile devices, these can provide insight into how people have been communicating in private. While some users might try to delete data from their phone, it can often be found with mobile forensics. This can be very useful for anyone looking to retrieve information from the phone of their partner or children.

Our mobile device forensics can help you to recover all important data from any mobile device, including mobile phones or iPads. A large range of data can be extracted including your emails, voicemails, and text messages, as well as information on where the phone has been used with detailed location data. You can even access network data and data on how different apps have been used. Our service is discreet and can be tailored to extract the types of information that matter most to you.

Our company provides a free, no-obligation quote on our forensic examination of mobile phones. Our customers include everyday mobile phone users, employers, and families. Contact us now to see how we can help you.