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Cheating Investigators: catching a cheating partner

Catch a cheating spouse or partner through a Cheating investigator

Get proof that your partner is having an affair

Your partner’s behaviour has been… odd. They’re acting secretively, they’re working late all the time, and they’re showing less and less interest in you. You’ve got a niggling feeling that your partner is having an affair, but you’re just not sure, and you don’t know how to confront them without proof.

The best way to discover the truth about your partner’s infidelity is to hire a cheating investigator. Here’s how the investigation process can work for you.

 Possible signs of a cheating husband or cheating wife

  • Secretive behaviour like leaving the room to answer phone calls
  • Working late or going on a lot of business trips
  • A new fitness regime, weight loss or buying new clothes could mean they’re trying to impress someone
  • Significant changes to your love life; they might be avoiding you altogether or want to be intimate more than usual

Keep in mind that all these behaviours could be about something else; it doesn’t necessarily mean that your partner is cheating. The same behaviours might mean your partner is:

  • planning a surprise for you
  • busy at work
  • on a health kick to feel better
  • less intimacy might mean they’re growing apart from you (without infidelity)
  • more intimacy might mean they’re finding a renewed spark in your relationship

so don’t jump to conclusions.

Mainly, trust your instincts. If you think that your partner is cheating, it’s worth looking into. But where should you start to investigate? Let’s go through the questions on your mind.

 Why can’t I just catch my cheating partner myself?

Cheating partners are already being cautious with their actions, which makes them hard to catch.

The cheater has likely:

  • Concocted a believable story like working late or going on business trips
  • Bought a secret mobile phone to contact their lover
  • Set up separate bank accounts or paid for everything in cash so there’s no paper trail

Cheating husbands and wives are constantly expecting to be caught, so if you start acting strangely, they’ll know you’re probably onto them.

If you try to follow them, your car and your face are instantly recognisable. The same goes for asking a friend to follow them. Snooping in their phone, installing tracking apps or recording devices will certainly give the game away.

They’ll become even more vigilant with their precautions, which makes it even harder to prove the infidelity.

Consider, also, that there’s a chance your partner isn’t cheating. It happens quite often that there are other reasons for their strange behaviour. A suspected cheating husband might actually have a gambling problem, or he’s working a second job to cope with financial difficulties. Or a suspected cheating wife may be setting up a plan to leave her husband because she doesn’t love him anymore, rather than having an affair. Getting caught following your partner, or falsely accusing them of cheating could be disastrous to your relationship.

That’s why it’s best not to try to catch a suspected cheating partner yourself. It’s far better, in the long run, to hire a professional cheating investigator and get solid proof before confronting your partner.

How do cheating investigators prove an affair is happening?

The investigator will gather as much evidence as possible; of course photographic proof is ideal. But they can’t always get photographs if the affair is happening on private property.

Sometimes the best evidence of cheating is a large amount of circumstantial evidence that adds up to a likely story of adultery.

Let’s say you think your partner is having an affair when they say they’re “working late” all the time, the PI could investigate by:

  • Waiting outside your partner’s workplace before their usual finish time
  • Follow their car as they drive
  • Park the car and see which address they visit
  • Take photographs of your partner entering and leaving the building
  • Record the time of arrival and time of departure
  • Follow the car elsewhere, or back home
  • Anything that happens inside private property is hard to prove, so you may have to be satisfied with circumstantial evidence
  • Finally the investigator will compile the evidence into a report: dates, times, locations and any photos

What you do with the information from the cheating investigator is up to you. But it’s important to remember that the evidence might change your life forever.

If you decide to confront your partner, think about what you will do if they either confess or deny the allegation.

Finding out that your partner is cheating is distressing, so you need an action plan. Can you stay at a friend’s house for a few days while you and your partner have time to think about what’s next? You might decide to stay together and work things out (subject to your partner breaking things off with the lover, of course), or you might decide to separate.

 Will my cheating partner notice they’re under surveillance?

Provided you leave the task to an experienced cheating investigator, chances are your partner won’t notice a thing.

Cheating investigators are experts at concealment and going unnoticed. In fact, a skilled PI can follow someone all day, in close proximity, and not be noticed. Private Investigators have all sorts of surveillance secrets: using different vehicles, tailing the subject in teams so each agent stays unnoticed, and using long-range photography.

 Has my partner run away with a lover?

If your partner has recently disappeared, is it possible that they have run away with a secret lover? Many adulterers can’t face admitting the affair to their spouse, so they disappear and start a new life.

If you think your partner has run away with a lover, and you want to find out for sure, you need a Private Investigator to conduct a Skip Trace. PIs are excellent at tracking people down and finding out the truth. You can read more about Skip Trace investigations here.

 What a cheating investigator can and can’t do

Cheating investigators can’t attach GPS trackers to a subject’s car, because there are laws about privacy and personal property. But PIs are allowed to follow a subject to any public place, in a vehicle, on public transport, or on foot.

The investigator can follow your partner’s car from work to the rendezvous point with their lover and take photos of your partner entering and leaving a building.

If the affair involves meeting for dinner in a restaurant, the investigator can follow the couple in and sit at a table in the restaurant. PIs are even allowed to take video and record audio in the restaurant (or public place) if the couple’s voices are loud enough to be overheard from a nearby table.

PIs have all sorts of high-tech recording devices and concealed cameras. If you show your cheating partner the photos later, they will be shocked to see how close the PI got during surveillance, and they never even noticed!

But cheating investigators won’t install cameras and listening devices in your home. That’s an invasion of privacy, even if you request it yourself as a resident of the same home.

How much does a cheating investigator cost?

Generally, cheating investigations start from $500-$600. That’s based on an average rate for a private investigator of $100 per hour, and a minimum deployment of 4 hours at a time.

However, that’s assuming the PI is lucky enough to observe the adulterers first time, with 100% proof. It’s not always that simple.

The total cost for an investigator to catch a cheating partner depends on many factors:

  • How easy the cheating partner is to find and follow
  • How much information you’re able to provide about their usual routine
  • How many days or surveillance sessions are required to gain proof
  • Extra incidental costs such as kilometres travelled, entry fees and decoy meals

In some cases it can take many surveillance sessions to discover the truth. There have even been cases of cheating wives or husbands jumping on a plane to visit an interstate lover for the day, only to be back by dinner time. In cases like this, the cost to catch a cheating partner can add up to many thousands.

If you’re certain that your spouse is cheating and you need to gain evidence for a divorce court, you should employ the investigator for several sessions, to gain as much irrefutable evidence as possible.

You can read a snapshot of everything you need to know about Private Investigators here.

Want to know more about hiring a Private Investigator?

Contact an Australian Private Investigator today. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you have about how a PI can help you or refer the best available Investigator. Feel free to get in touch.

What happens after I know my partner has been cheating?

There’s a lot of relationship support available for you and your partner. In fact, cheating doesn’t have to be the end of your relationship. Maybe you can save your relationship, even after infidelity, with professional relationship counselling and proper communication about what you both need to change. You can check out Relationships Australia and their advice for seeking help with relationship problems.

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