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In line with our mission to supply the best covert surveillance products to the investigative market in Australia, RIVICA Investigations & Covert Solutions Pty Ltd, are extremely pleased to announce a new partnership with Aishine Electronics Co Ltd.”

Aishine Electronics Co Ltd, is a leading manufacturer that focus ONLY on Quality Wi-Fi Camera, Nanny Camera / Hidden Camera / Covert Security Cameras etc…

Aishine Electronics have over 8 years of experience and technology based knowledge to serve their clients and to provide them with the expertise advice. In R&D, their design team, follow closely on the heels of changes in different market trends, and this translates into products with strong innovation, enabling them to continuously offer their customers affirmation and a good reputation in the security field.

Aishine Electronics provide OEM/ODM manufacturing, from planning, designing to finished products, meeting the standards of CE, RoHS, FCC and more. They have full experiences of OEM/ODM projects for US & Euro famous brands.

Aishine Electronics produce and export the newest and the most creative products to corporations and buyers globally, including America, Europe and Australia etc.

Their performance is enhanced by their ability with their international management team to listen and completely understand the requirements of each of their customers.

Aishine Electronics are dedicated to the customers and their needs, and this commitment starts right from the very beginning and allows them to continuously build a strong, long term and productive business relationship. Aishine takes great pride in high quality products and services, and especially in the continuous support to our customers.

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“Made by Aishine Electronics and supplied in Australia by RIVICA Investigations & Covert Solutions Pty Ltd– another winning combination!”