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Review of LawMate # PV-PB20l  – Power Bank Wi-Fi HD DVR

Review of LawMate # PV-PB20l

We have had a chance to review the Lawmate #PV-PB20l, the power bank style DVR with built in camera and Wifi. What we found different to the previous Lawmate units that also offer (P2P) Wifi, is that this unit not only offers wifi connectivity with a smart device (P2P), but can also connects to your internet through the settings on the PV Cam Viewer application (Device Manager, Settings, the cog symbol to the right, and select internet Wifi). It will then ask you to enter the SSID and password, and you are done.
This allows you to leave the unit at home or in the office, connect it to the internet connection and you can access, monitor and control the unit from anywhere using the same PV Cam Viewer application.
Since the unit is also a power bank we were keen to test the battery life. And lets just say we were blown away with the results. The unit performed much better than the manufactures figures.
We fully charged the unit, then set it up with the wifi turned on, connected and monitored via internet and set it to record. The unit recorded to a 16GB SD card continuously for 391 minutes, thats 6 hours and 31minutes. Ok thats what the specs say, but then we re charged it and set it to record with wifi off. The unit captured 482 minutes of high definition video, thats over 8 hours!
All that and it can still charge my smart phone or even top the battery up on my other cameras. Highly recommended.

Click To see You tube link of a sample of video

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