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How the Twists and Turns of My Career Helped Me Find My Purpose

How I went from being a police officer in the UK to running my own private investigations firm in Australia

I came to Australia with my wife and a suitcase, not knowing that this is where I would end up settling down and starting my own private investigations firm.

I started out in the UK as a Detective Sergeant running covert operations for the South Wales Police. When I took the opportunity to move to Australia with my wife, I quickly realised that I wanted a change of pace with my career. Being in the police force was testing. I was on call 24/7 and was rarely at home. Taking long-service leave from the force and relocating to Australia gave me the chance to unwind and release the pressures of being a detective.

I became an investigator for a compliance branch of WorkSafe Victoria, working alongside police, customs, immigration and Centrelink in joint operations. While working as an investigator, I discovered an opportunity to be a surveillance operative, specialising in police corruption and misconduct.

During my tenure as a surveillance operative, I saw a glimpse of potential within myself that helped me grasp my expertise in the industry.

My experience working within criminal law enforcement in the UK gave me a fresh outlook on tactics in the Australian landscape. I received glowing feedback for my ability to gather indisputable evidence and file detailed reports. I was able to stay ahead of the game and I realised that I wanted to get back into a position of influence to help form more robust and strategic processes in the commercial world.

Rather than just thinking about how I could use my experience to do well in my role, I began considering how I could use my experience to help the organisation at large.

Fate offered me a management role in Western Australia where I worked for six years until 2014. During that time, I worked closely with the federal police, ADF and other agencies, providing strategic advice and surveillance training. The experience I gained in the field of corruption finessed my strategic outlook on my career. Not only did I manage a unit of people, but I was also able to devise my own strategies to support the investigations I was managing. Most importantly, I was given access to all the equipment, technology, understanding and training. These resources bolstered my capabilities, allowing me to leverage my knowledge and experience beyond my expectations.

I learned what could work during an investigation and how to make use of the resources available.

My career has taken many twists and turns, some unexpectedly, but it has always taken me in the right direction. Embracing new opportunities and experiences is the only way to find your true calling. So, I’m glad I moved to Australia with an open mind and ready to take on any challenge that came my way.

Where has your career taken you?

Have you discovered your purpose?

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