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An excellent weeks surveillance training

Last week RIVICA Investigations & Covert Solutions ran our Surveillance Course through ISTA in Melbourne. It was a fantastic weeks training and  Melbourne even put on some great weather, so much so, one of students got a sun tan during the final major exercise!!!!
Our students took part in both theory and practical training sessions, learning the art of surveillance trade craft, cover and concealment, mobile tactics, the use of covert cameras and even more importantly, the correct way to collect evidence both through video and images and the recording of contemporaneous notes.
Students took part in a night time surveillance exercise and had the opportunity to experience being a subject of surveillance, and through our “reverse engineering’ concept was able to see what can be achieved if the the principles of surveillance are followed.
During a minor exercise students were engaged in a surveillance operation which tested their knowledge and practical application of the skills learned at the beginning of the week. They were tasked with an objective and achieved the desired outcome comprehensively, with fantastic feedback from the role player, who did not pick any of the operatives or their vehicles. During the de brief the students were provided feedback on the evidence they obtained and the way in which it was recorded.
Quote ‘You can be the best surveillance operative in the world, however if you cant get your evidence accepted in court its all for nothing!’
The final day of the course was the major exercise. The level of difficulty was increased a little bit, using a new role player, different vehicles (gotta love the vespa scooter for city traffic!!!) and a different and testing surveillance environment!! Again the students were tested on their decision making and their ability to quickly assess the situation and apply the safety net principle to maintain contact with the subject. The exercise took us from Toorak, to Elsternwick and eventually culminated at a venue in Fitzroy. The students were able to demonstrate their confidence to ‘get in close’ and act naturally with a purpose, and were able to obtain great video evidence, well done!
It was an enjoyable week and a big thank you and congratulations to all the participants, and I look forward to working with you in the field!

3 thoughts on “An excellent weeks surveillance training”

  1. Thank you Richard for another excellent course.
    Despite having being formally trained in Covert Surveillance several years ago I decided to do this course to brush up on my skills as I have been out of the industry for a while. I had also completed the Cert lll in Private Investigations and Cert lV in Risk Management with Richard and was really impressed with his passion towards the industry and the dedication he shows towards his training.
    The Surveillance course was really beneficial and I was impressed with how much content Richard covered on the course. As always Richard went over and above to share his extensive knowledge with us. The exercises towards the end of the course reflected what real surveillance taskings are like and gave the students an excellent opportunity to experience what a surveillance officer really does and the challenges that are faced on the ground.
    I highly recommend this course to anyone looking to enter the industry and also anyone who wants to develop their skills further.

  2. I thoroughly enjoyed the surveillance course and feel I have gained more knowledge and experience to supply a high quality of service that our instructor and future clients would expect. Highly recommend this course, the instructor with his wealth of knowledge made the time enjoyable while still pushing the team to learn, made the time to answer any questions and to clarify if any aspect of the course was unclear.

  3. I have just completed my Cert lll in Private Investigative Services and this Surveillance Course definitely goes hand in hand with it.
    The Surveillance Training course has provided me with an insight into what is expected and has prepared me with the skills required to excel in this industry.
    The surveillance course was so much fun, and our trainer Richard James is so passionate and has extensive first hand experience and abundance of knowledge where by if you are dedicated and portray your interest for this kind of work, then Richard allows you to sponge off him.
    I can’t speak highly enough of our trainer Richard James. I would encourage and highly recommend this course to anybody who has a passion for this industry or for anybody who just needs a refresher.
    What I love about this course is the fact that once you’ve completed it, it doesn’t just end there. Richards commitment to his students is on going and should you require further advice or guidance, you can always rely upon him to be there.
    Thank you Richard, you are an inspiration, not only to me, but to many others I am sure.

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