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RIVICA Investigations and Covert Solutions help you find the piece of evidence you are looking for so that you are left with the peace of mind that comes with it. We help Lawyers move forward with proceedings by providing them clarity and indisputable evidence.

If you need help finding the missing piece of a client puzzle, our services can give you the full picture.

Trusted by Melbourne’s most renowned legal practitioners.

We are the recommended choice for business, commercial & family legal firms across Melbourne because of our highly personalised service and detailed reporting.

Comprehensive evidence management guaranteed to be accepted by any Australian Court.
We collect, store and present all evidence in line with State evidentiary rules and legislative requirements. Get the clarity and confidence you need to move forward with proceedings thanks to our expansive network of highly skilled investigators located across Australia.
MEET Richard James!

One of Melbourne’s most experienced and trusted Private Investigators.

Our founder, Richard James, has over thirty years of investigative experience gained from law enforcement, government corruption investigations and consulting and working alongside military and intelligence agencies.
Richard’s proactive approach means he is quick to respond and able to deliver evidence within strict time frames. He goes above and beyond to support his clients, making them feel supported and assured at every stage of the investigation.
We can help you with

Our Services


Surveillance Investigations

Our highly trained surveillance agents gather direct evidence as it happens and corroborate their observations with video and photographic evidence.


Circumstantial Investigations

Conduct factual investigations, take statements, and interview witnesses to gather the facts relating to your matter to help you make informed decisions.


Website & Social Media Evidence Capturing

Gather and provide web-based evidence of breaches of copyright and theft of intellectual property and evidence of slander from social media sites for defamation matters.


Locating People and Process Serving

Successfully locate people and provide a document process service for all your legal matters.


Technical Surveillance Counter Measures

Through our technical unit we conduct sweeps of homes, offices and vehicles to identify if you are subject to an unwanted surveillance interest and provide evidence of any intrusions.


Forensic Device Examination

Examine mobile devices to recover deleted data or identify malicious malware and provide evidence of the intrusion.



Our trained agents provide counter-surveillance services to confirm, identify and evidence unwanted physical surveillance on a person or location in support of a breach of an AVO or proof of stalking offences.

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