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The rise of covert recordings in family proceedings

We often get asked for advise as to the legalities of optical or audio recording in an individuals private residence for the purposes of protecting a child, or a vulnerable adult. Sir James Munby echoes what I believe to be the current views of the Australian Courts on the admissibility of covert recordings in [...]

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Tethered drone reins in the complexity

While it's impressive that today's consumer drones can do things like track objects and follow pre-programmed flight paths, the fact is that most users will probably never utilize those functions. Really, most people just use the things to get pictures from up high. With that in mind, [...]

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New Product in the market

360 Degree Wi-Fi Camera - WF1130 It's all about the view. With this HD Wi-Fi capable camera, you can see a 360° view of the room, allowing you to see angles you couldn't see before. Because it has Wi-Fi built in, you can access the video feed live from anywhere on any smart phone or [...]

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