Surveillance Standard Operating Procedures

Contracted agents that accept surveillance assignments from RIVICA Investigations & Covert Solutions Pty Ltd (RIVICA) are required to comply with the information and directions contained in this document (SOP).

Case Management


RIVICA uses the application TRELLO to record, manage and disseminate timely and accurate information to and from agents for each case. TRELLO is a free cloud-based service that is accessible via a computer or a mobile device. Please visit to learn more about the application.

You will be invited by RIVICA Investigations & Covert Solutions Pty Ltd to join our team in TRELLO and will be required to download the free app onto your mobile device and/or your computer in order to work on RIVICA cases.

A TRELLO ‘Deployment Card’ will be allocated to you for each and every deployment on a RIVICA case. You are required to complete the fields on the card at the conclusion of the day’s duties. Training on the use of TRELLO will be provided.


In order for agents to provide RIVICA with relevant evidence obtained from their surveillance deployments, RIVICA uses Dropbox. Dropbox is free and works on any platform: Mac, Windows, iOS, Android, and Blackberry and gives you 2GB of storage space for free.

Agents are required to have a Dropbox account so RIVICA can share a folder from our account in order for you, the agent; to upload video footage, images and at times documents relating to the days surveillance. Any video and images obtained are required to be uploaded as soon as possible after the surveillance has been completed for each day and within 24hrs with no exception.



Zello is a free push to talk mobile application available on IOS and Android that is used for communications between the operations manager and agents in the field. Every case will be allocated a unique Zello channel by RIVICA.

You as the agent will be provided access to the channel when performing duties on the case. You are required to provide a commentary of your observations even if you are working alone. This process allows RIVICA to update the client without the need to contact and disrupt the agent whilst in the field. The agent’s commentary on Zello will be used to assist in the completion of the surveillance report for the client.


Glympse is a fast, free and simple way to share your real-time location using GPS tracking with our Operations Manager and other agents engaged on the same case.

RIVICA will create a Private Group for every new case. Depending on the case, you may be invited to join the Private Group related to the case. If you are invited to join these Glymps Groups, you will be required to share your location in this group when you commence surveillance up until you complete your surveillance duties for that day.


Contemporaneous notes

Surveillance notes are a written record of your observations and should be made contemporaneously. This is defined as an accurate record, made at the time, or as soon after the event as practicable. It is a record of relevant evidence which is seen, heard or done, by the maker of the note.

You will be issued with a contemporaneous notebook which is to be used on every RIVICA investigative assignment and only to be used on RIVICA assignments. You will be provided with our contemporaneous notes manual which will provide you with our best practice on how you should record your surveillance observations whilst working on RIVICA investigations.

At the conclusion of the day’s surveillance, the contemporaneous notes must be scanned or photographed and uploaded to the allocated TRELLO ‘Deployment Card’ as soon as possible and within 24hrs with no exceptions.

Agents will use the contemporaneous notes along with the recorded ZELLO commentary and any video / images obtained and uploaded to Dropbox, to complete the surveillance report.

Video and photographs

Agents are required to own or have access to suitable photographic/video equipment in order to obtain high quality photographic/video evidence of their observations during RIVICA cases.

It is a requirement that agents must have either a handy-cam type video recorder or a digital SLR camera (minimum of 1080P high definition), plus a covert camera to obtain video evidence whilst deployed on foot. Mobiles phones are not permitted to be used to obtain photographic and video evidence of the subject on any RIVICA cases.

At the beginning of every surveillance deployment you must ensure that the time and date on your devices are correct and that the SD cards are formatted to ensure no old files remain on the SD card.

RIVICA DVD’s will be supplied to you and must be used to create master copy discs of the contents of your devices’ SD card at the conclusion of each period of surveillance. A separate DVD must be used for each days surveillance. No images/files are to be deleted from the device during surveillance or from the SD card prior to copying onto a RIVICA DVD. Once the master disc has been created, fill in the disc with a blue or black DVD marker with the details requested.

Obtain a unique master disc number from the TRELLO board ‘Master Disc Register’ by following the instructions on the ‘Unique Master Disc Number Allocation’ card.

Create a folder with a title made up from the following – unique master disc number/case number/  date yyyymmdd,  and your initials, in the RIVICA Dropbox shared folder and upload the contents of each days surveillance.

Eg. 105/20 002233 20200703 RJ

It is your responsibility to keep safe storage of your master discs until supplied to RIVICA.



Agents can claim travel hours and kilometre expenses, and these will be calculated from either the Melbourne GPO or the agents home address , whichever is the closer. Agents from other states will use their CBD GPO for their calculations.

Ordinary expenses such as parking, tolls and entry costs to a venue; provided they are incurred when following a subject and not travelling to or from the assignment, can be claimed with a receipt. Any other extra ordinary expenses must be authorised by RIVICA prior to the expenditure. If an extra ordinary expense has been preauthorised, then the expenditure must be reasonable and necessary in order for the agent to continue to surveil the subject.


All invoices are to be submitted to at the conclusion of completing your requirements in a RIVICA case.

Please submit a separate invoice for different RIVICA cases and include the RIVICA case reference and purchase order number.  Agents are requested to include the details provided to you on the Purchase Order when the case was allocated.

In your individual claims please Include the Services provided, surveillance start time, surveillance finish time (hours)  for each day, the kilometres being claimed and any expenses.


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