Temperature Tracking Cameras

$3,575.00 Inc GST

Keep your employees and customers safe in this unprecedented time of quarantine due to COVID-19. If your business has been deemed essential then a Temperature Tracking Camera can help manage the people accessing your business or location. Within a few milliseconds the camera recognises a face and performs an infrared temperature scan. The camera is self sufficient, does not need constant human monitoring, and records ‘pass/fail’ results to internal software. As the world returns to normal after this coronavirus outbreak use the Temperature Tracking Camera with your access control to feel confident about the health of your employees, on-site contractors, and customers.

Check everyone’s temperature before they enter. 


Can be used simply for temperature measurement or integrated into existing systems for facial recognition and access control.

With Australian voice commands and clear English instructions, the Monkey Mometer Pro is the safest, contact-free way to accurately measure temperature for staff, students, customers and guests.

• German-designed IR Hands-free thermometer accurate to within +/- 0.3º

• Plug & Play simplicity

• Australian Voice Commands

• Stores up to 10,000 names and faces for access control with time and attendance.

• Can release electronic locks and connect to alarms.

• PC control requires network connection.


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