It was a great end to 2016 for me, travelling back the UK and re igniting some old friendships and more importantly catching up with ex work colleagues at my home Police Force. I was fortunate enough to be invited for a tour around the new covert premises where all the Police covert and Major Crime Investigative units are located. I took up this opportunity with the intention of revisiting my old department and seeing what has changed and even catching up with former colleagues who are still working there. It was extremely pleasing for me to see that surveillance tradecraft and the evidentiary process for surveillance product processing, and the completion of contemporary notes for surveillance running sheets has not changed since I left 13 years ago. In fact after describing the processes that I have adopted after having the experience of working in the UK and in Australia, it would appear from the feedback, that we have gone above and beyond in the standards that we provide for the continuity of surveillance evidence.

I was also able to make comparisons in regard to the covert equipment that the individual surveillance operatives are issued and let me just say, it was disappointing to see that in this aspect of their surveillance capabilities, it had not improved or moved forward since I left. Unfortunately for this Police Force, who is so heavily restricted by their budget, that the covert cameras that the operatives use to obtain optical evidence in close, were so antiquated that I felt embarrassed to show examples of what is available on the market today. Embarrassed or not, I gave a presentation of some of the equipment available, and the benefits of the additional features available in the open market. The shock and amazement seen on some of their faces just reinforced one of my favourite phrases, “Industrial Blindness”. Neither the staff or management had any idea of the type of equipment available.

So moving into the new year, I am excited that the surveillance services, the products we supply, and the processes that RIVICA Investigations & Covert Solutions have developed in the training of surveillance operatives and the collection of evidence, is at least equivalent to that of Law enforcement agencies, and in some areas advanced.

So in closing, Happy New Year to all our customers and clients. We are looking forward to a new year full of new and exciting opportunities and to continue working with and for you, to provide you with all your investigative solutions!