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Surveillance Training Course

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RIVICA Investigations & Covert Solutions are pleased to provide a dedicated Surveillance Training Course. This course has been developed, and will presented by Richard James, who is the Director of RIVICA and also an Investigative Services Instructor. This course has been designed to provide contemporary essential skills and methodologies that are required to work effectively in the surveillance arena, and as such; is the perfect supplement to the training received during the Certificate III Investigative Services.

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The course will be run over six days and evenings and will provide students with the fundamental knowledge of ‘trade craft’, the art of conducting surveillance, both on foot, in a vehicle and as part of a team.

The training consists of an initial classroom based theory lesson, where students will learn about surveillance trade craft. Some of the topics covered are communication, team work, cover and concealment, exposure, stop & plot, the ‘safety net’ principle, transition from vehicle to foot, foot surveillance, mobile tactics, public transport, close control of subject and use of covert cameras. A selection of covert cameras will be available to use and try out during the course and will be offered for purchase by RIVICA Investigations & Covert Solutions at a special course price.

Students will then put into practice the theory learned in a number of practical training exercises in and around Melbourne and the surrounding suburbs, and be provided feedback and instruction on their performance in order to be ready for the scenario based exercises.

Before the students are engaged in the scenario operations, they will be provided with training on ‘best practice’, with regards to contemporaneous note taking, the processing of product obtained, evidence handling and continuity of evidence.

After this, students will then be ready to take part in two, linked scenario based surveillance exercises, which will allow them to demonstrate the skills learned during the theory and practical sessions. Students will be required to not only carry out a successful surveillance operation, but to also complete and compile all the evidence obtained to a standard that is required by the Courts.

Students will be required to use their own vehicles, providing they are roadworthy and insured, and cover the costs of fuel any tolls. Hire vehicles can be provided at extra cost for those who don’t have a vehicle and wish to drive on the course. There is a minimum requirement of five students with four vehicles/drivers, for the course to run, and there is maximum of nine places on the course.

This is to ensure that the quality of the instruction and training is maintained and that students get the most out of the exercises.

This course is only offered to students who are either a holder of a current Private Investigators license, or a Certificate III Investigative Services qualification, or who are currently enrolled on a Certificate III Investigative Services course with ISTA.

It is a requirement for the course that students have a smart phone with data, and it is expected that students own and bring their own lap top and camera. Covert cameras will be provided for use.

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