EZDigiMagic DM220-P08 Hi-speed portable standalone photo & video backup DVD burner with viewer

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EZDigiMagic DM220-P08 Hi-speed portable standalone photo & video backup DVD burner with viewer

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Save time and commence the continuity of your evidence on the road! The perfect companion to the busy investigator – a portable DVD burner to copy all your videos and images onto disc without the need to log in to your computer. Just connect your camera or insert your memory card and a blank disc and press a single button. 4.5GB of data burns to a disk in less than 20 minutes!!

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Product Description

The EZDigiMagic™ DM220-P08 portable external DVD burner copies your flash memory card or USB drive directly to a DVD, no computer needed. EZDigiMagic™ DVD is easy to use. Simply insert your high capacity flash memory card or USB drive into the EZDigiMagic™, insert a blank DVD/CD-R or DVD/CD-RW and push one button. Within minutes, all your digital pictures will be downloaded on the DVD or CD.

The new DVD version incorporates additional features including:

  • Burning information not only to DVDs, but also to CDs.
  • A 2” color TFT display for photo preview, and TV-Out playback with remote control.
  • A USB Host to download images directly from your camera or USB drive.
  • An “Ultra-Verify” mode which allows users to verify either a burn session against the flash memory card or the entire disc.
  • Multi-session format which utilizes the entire DVD/CD without wasting any disc space.
  • Advanced “Disc Spanning” which allows multiple disc copying when the data size exceeds the capacity of one disc, either DVD or CD disc.

The EZDigiMagic™ DM220-P08 portable external DVD burner supports most digital memory card formats on the market and copies 1 GB of information in less than 4 minutes. Extremely versatile, the DM220-P08 works with any files on your flash memory card including raw, tiff, jpeg, and avi files.

The EZDigiMagic™ DM220-P08 portable external DVD burner is compact in size and can be powered by 4-rechargeable Ni-MH batteries which make this unit completely portable. It can also be powered by an AC adapter (included) or by a convenient car-kit adapter (optional). Through a USB 2.0 cable, the DM220-P08 can be used as an external DVD burner or player for your PC or Mac.

  • Directly copy from USB drive or flash card to DVD with no PC required
  • Designed to support latest generation of high-speed and high capacity memory cards (CF High-Speed, UDMA & SDHC)
  • USB 2.0 host for copying photo / video files directly from digital camera and camcorder without using a PC
  • 2.0” color TFT display for photo preview & easy operation
  • TV-out playback with Infrared remote control
  • Supports direct printing function to print out your pictures without PC
  • Files can be shared between DVD/CD, flash memory card, and USB storage devices
  • Two built-in card reader slots (CF Type I/II and Multiple Card Slot) support most major memory card format
  • Supports data burning on Double-Layer (DL) DVD discs
  • Fast and reliable data backup from memory cards or USB devices to DVD/CD
  • Advanced professional features that include: Disc Spanning and Time Stamping
  • Hi-speed USB 2.0 interface for PC connection
  • Can be used as portable external DVD burner while connecting to PC
  • Various file formats [ Music/Photo] are supported
The specifications listed above are subject to change without prior notice.
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