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Process Serving Success: How to Secure Efficient Process Serving that Meets All the Deadlines

Process serving can be one of the most frustrating and time-consuming tasks lawyers need to deal with.

It may seem a simple task – to serve papers to someone – but it regularly occurs under the pressure of strict time constraints set out by the Australian courts.

In some matters, you only have 21 days (a lot less if you can’t initially find the respondent) for the respondent to reply to a request for information, so process serving must be swift and successful for court proceedings to go ahead. If they do not respond within the time constraints, your client could lose money.

However, process serving does not have to be a headache.

Let’s look at the benefits of choosing a private investigator to manage the serving of your legal documents.

Why is process serving so difficult for lawyers?

Typically, when someone knows they are subject to being served, they will bury their head in the sand and actively try to avoid the confrontation. Proceedings cannot continue until the respondent has replied and an affidavit of service has been filed.

But tracking down respondents for a successful serving of documents takes time and precision. Lawyers have enough on their plate, so process serving is almost always more cost-effective and efficient to outsource to an investigator.

Why choose a private investigator to take care of process serving?

First and foremost, private investigators are expertly trained to discretely and accurately track down individuals. Private investigators will do checks before conducting their investigation and know when people are dodging being served. This means that choosing a private investigator increases your chances for a successful provision of service.

There are a handful of process serving companies in Australia, but they are impersonal in nature, meaning you do not get to deal directly with one person.

When you choose Rivica, you will deal directly with an investigator. Given the limited time frame and high-pressured nature of a process serving case, Rivica gives you complete confidence throughout the entire process to know things are being taken care of.

Detailed reporting, frequent status updates and a legally sound affidavit of service is the Rivica difference. Guaranteed.

Where does Rivica provide process serving?

Rivica provides process serving throughout Australia through its network of professional investigators. Unlike other process serving companies, you are guaranteed the personalised service and confidence that you can move forward with proceedings.

Rivica is proud to offer a speedy allocation to an investigator in the state in which service is required. This will give you the peace of mind that the serving will be within the timeframe required by the courts, leaving you to focus on preparing your case.

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  1. Geoff Butterfield

    Yes, Process Serving Companies and Mercantile Agents work to runs where they attend addresses for a few moments at different times. Avoiders don’t answer their doors or have other people cover by saying they not home. Avoiders require surveillance at relevant times so they can be served when leaving the home.

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