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How to become a Private Investigator

The skills, qualifications, licence and experience you need Have you ever wondered what the life of a Private Investigator would be like? If you’re considering a career change, here’s what you need to know about how to become a Private Investigator. Who is suited to becoming a Private Investigator? There are a few traits and [...]

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Corporate investigations: Everything you need to know

Uncover areas of risk in a business, to prevent losses In every business, there are gaps in processes. These areas of risk are where dishonest employees could take advantage for personal gain. In fact, employee theft costs Australian businesses $750 million each year. So how do you stop it from happening? Launch an undercover risk assessment [...]

High tech undercover: the gadgets of private investigators

Spy tools: What private investigators use to spy and sleuth How PIs use bug detectors and other spy equipment We’ll introduce you to some of the professional spy equipment used by private investigators, and how to check if someone is using a bug to spy on you. Whether you want to know if you’re being [...]

Debt Collection: how private investigators can help

Locate missing debtors and provide evidence In most debt collection cases, there’s a company that wants to be paid for the work they’ve done. Or there’s a bank trying to recover a large unpaid loan or repossess assets to sell to cover the loan. Ideally this will happen with a minimum of fuss, but it [...]

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Factual Investigation: How Private Detectives collect evidence

Discover what really happened Factual investigation is when a detective collects evidence of an incident that has already happened. Factual investigations are also known as circumstantial investigations. The incident could be a suspected crime such as an assault or a case of financial fraud. Or the incident could be a car accident, or a case [...]

Missing Persons: How Private Investigators conduct a Skip Trace

Locating people who are lost or missing People go missing for many reasons; some deliberately, and some in suspicious circumstances. Being able to find missing persons quickly can come down to understanding why the person went missing, and following the leads. The good news is that Police find most missing persons alive within a few [...]

How Private Investigators Find Missing Children In Australia

There’s a drop in your stomach when you realise your child is missing. You start retracing your steps to where you last saw your child, calling their name. For older missing children, you’re ringing their friends and trying to piece together their recent movements. In most cases, missing children in Australia are found quickly; safe [...]

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Private Investigators: Everything You Need To Know

What is a PI, and how much does a PI cost? Have you ever had a hunch that something wasn’t quite right? A niggling suspicion that you just can’t prove? The best way to discover the truth is to hire a Private Investigator. These undercover investigators are highly skilled at finding information, tracing missing persons [...]

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