Our Story

RIVICA was born out of the unique experience and extensive investigations network of its founder. With a mission to raise the bar of covert surveillance services within the private and corporate investigations and give individuals and organisations superior outcomes usually only afforded to the government sector.

Established in 2014 to provide a complete range of investigative solutions, we work across Australia and even train police and military teams in the Middle East and Southeast Asia. From investigations, to training, to products, we tailor our response to fully address each client’s requirement.

Our goal is simple – to deliver an outstanding service that exceeds expectations. That means planning for success right from the outset; by approaching each assignment with understanding, foresight and compassion.


Richard James

Founder & Director

I never dreamed of joining the police force when I left school. In fact, I always wanted to be an athlete. But following a serious hip injury that cut short my aspirations of being a sprinter, I joined the Police Service when a family friend suggested that I could pursue a rugby career there.

However, within the first week in the academy, I decided that I did not want to be known as a rugby player first and a police officer second by my new colleagues. So, I resolved to become a Police Officer and not take the “easier” path of playing rugby and being guaranteed to every weekend off and time off to train – a decision that would change the course of my life.

Today, with more than three decades of investigative practice in both Australia and the UK, I combine the industry’s best methodologies, techniques and technology with sound strategy, effective communication and experienced investigative management; to provide a premium service for clients to secure empowering evidence that will be accepted in any Australian court.

Surveillance is second nature

I’ve always had an affinity with covert investigations. Even before I completed my two-year probation as a new graduate in the South Wales Police Forces, UK, my supervisors spotted my talent and assigned me to work undercover where I began my journey into investigating major crime.

The way I communicated and could relate to the people who were in trouble with the law, allowed me to recruit informants who were willing to help me find answers. I am fair, I take the time to listen and I do not judge. And that earns respect.

From specialising in covert operations, to developing operational strategies, to training surveillance teams, to managing evidence, to heading a police station, I spent 14 great years with the South Wales Police Force in the UK. I was promoted to Detective Sergeant in 2000 where I worked for the last four years of my police service responsible for developing and managing covert operations in support of major crime investigation on behalf of the South Wales Police Service.

Relocating to Melbourne, Australia

When I got married in 2014, my wife and I decided to relocate to Melbourne. Within weeks, I got three job offers from three leading organisations in one day, but I chose a Victorian government corruption agency, working alongside both State and Commonwealth departments investigating corruption and misconduct within Victoria. Four years later in 2008, I joined another government agency to lead a team of covert operatives while also working with the Australian Federal Police, Department of Defence and ASIO on operational and training best practice.

What’s special about RIVICA

By 2014 I was ready to create my legacy and finished my career as a public servant and started my career in the private sector, creating RIVICA Investigations & Covert Solutions Pty Ltd. By developing my own training courses, I aim to raise the standards of the Australian private investigators sector; enabling them to provide high quality, high value services that achieve excellent results.

From personally training scores of investigators, I have a large and diverse team to select from. Understanding each member’s strength is crucial to ensure the right fit for a job specification. And by personally managing each assignment, I draw from almost 30 years of experience to anticipate risk and minimise exposure.

“The experience and knowledge I have gained from working with the numerous agencies throughout the UK and Australia has provided me with an extremely unique and specialised knowledge of investigative techniques; and in particular covert methodologies, which I am now able to utilise as the principle investigator for the benefit of our clients.”

RIVICA Investigations & Covert Solutions Pty Ltd offers a premium service for clients who have unique requirements.  We manage the collection, the storage and the presentation of all evidence, ensuring that it is in line with State evidentiary rules and legislative requirements, and will be accepted at any Australian Court.

We look forward to discussing your concerns and assisting you with a solution.