RIVICA Investigations & Covert Solutions Pty Ltd are proud to be affiliated with  the Praesidium Group who specialise in Security Consulting, Risk Management, Expert Witness Services, Security and Safety Audits/Systems, Organisational Resilience, Tailored Training Delivery & Incident & Emergency Management Investigations

Richard James, Director and Principal Investigator at RIVICA Investigations & Covert Solutions Pty Ltd, has worked alongside Scott Taylor, Director at Praesidium, in a number of ventures both in Australia and overseas. Over the past four years our companies have formed a robust and professional relationship where we work in partnership for the benefit of our clients.


An independent organisation bringing innovation and excellence to security,
safety and risk consulting. Praesidium Risk and Resilience specialise in the seamless integration of holistic risk mitigation


Praesidium Risk Services provides security and risk mitigation consulting services to a broad range of clients across many industry sectors. Due to our extensive experience in the provision of specialist security consulting services, Praesidium has an unparalleled understanding of the unique security operational and strategic elements relevant to the evolving risk landscape faced today.

Visit http://praesidiumgroup.com.au/