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iTrail Anything, Anywhere with Location by Location GPS Tracking

The iTrail GPS Data Logger provides location by location tracking without costly monthly subscription fee. The iTrail is easily the smallest GPS logger on the market while offering longer battery life, and more storage than any other model available.

iTrail GPS Logger: The iTrail Logger is one of the smallest GPS loggers on the market with an exceptionally long battery life. The advantage of the logger is you incur no monthly subscription fees, the only disadvantage is you don’t have a real-time view of your loggers location. To view where the logger has been simply connect it to your PC and the data is immediately transferred for you to see the history on a map.

  • iTrail GPS Data Logger Provides Tracking at No Additional Cost
  • The Smallest GPS Tracker with More Accuracy than the Rest
  • 120 Hours of Storage Capacity Compiles Miles of Travel History
  • Long Life Rechargeable Battery Provides Easy Power Maintenance
  • Record Start and Stop Locations, Directions, Point to Point Distances, Travel Speed and more
  • GPS Mapping and Trip Analysis Software Included
  • Data Transfers to PC Instantly for Immediate Map Display of Your Driving History
  • Google Earth Compatible
  • Detailed Driving Reports

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Designed by Sleuthgear,supported by KJB and supplied by RIVICA Investigations & Covert Solutions – a winning combination!

IMPORTANT NOTE: Install the iTrail driver first before connecting the GPS logger, after you have installed the iTrail driver and connected the GPS logger you can then install the iTrail software.

RRP $220 (free shipping within Australia)

If you would like to purchase this item or have any questions, please get in touch and a member of RIVICA Investigations & Covert Solutions will be glad to help.

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