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How to prove online harassment in court

Defamation, online harassment, and cyberbullying can be extremely harmful to both individuals and organisations. You should take any instance of online harassment seriously.


The internet has made it easy for anyone to make or become a victim of inflammatory statements posted on websites or social media platforms.


Should you or your organisation become a victim of defamation, it is essential to know your rights and the actions you can take from a legal standpoint.


But here’s the issue. When someone looks set to face the consequences of their actions online, they may quickly delete and destroy evidence. You may think a screenshot of the relevant posts or comments is enough to hold them accountable. And while that may be true for the court of public opinion, it may not hold up in a court of law. The reason is apparent; it’s easy to fake a screenshot.


How to collect online evidence


If you would like to take legal action against defamation, cyberbullying or online harassment, you must preserve the website.


Rivica’s evidence capturing service ensures just that. 


We can preserve full websites, single pages or social media posts and pages.


Not only does this help you capture evidence of online harassment, it can also assist you in taking action over instances of copyright breaches and IP theft.



Why do you need online evidence capturing?


The result of using our online evidence capture service will assist your claim from a legal standpoint.


In PDF format, it is something you can give to courts or police to prove your allegations, even if the other party makes a thorough effort to destroy any evidence of wrongdoing.


If they destroy the evidence, and you don’t have it captured, it could become your word against theirs. At that point, there may not be much the legal system can do to give you the justice you know you deserve.


Why is online evidence capturing a valuable service for proving evidence?


Rivica’s online evidence capture service will provide you with all associated metadata, digital signatures, and timestamps that validate the authenticity and integrity of the records. You can prove any records you have captured are not tampered with.


Collecting data in real-time


It’s much harder to capture evidence as the dust settles.


Rivica’s real-time data collecting solution means you can capture inappropriate content and data leakage as soon as it happens. With real-time capture, you will never miss an edited post or deleted comment.


At Rivica, we can help you capture any online evidence you need before someone destroys it.


Don’t leave your claim to chance, contact our expert investigative team today.

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