Surveillance investigations: get photographic proof

Surveillance investigators find out what’s really going on Private surveillance investigators: get the proof you need Something doesn’t seem right, and you want to know what’s going on. You don’t feel comfortable confronting the person, [...]

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Missing Persons: How Private Investigators conduct a Skip Trace

Locating people who are lost or missing People go missing for many reasons; some deliberately, and some in suspicious circumstances. Being able to find missing persons quickly can come down to understanding why the person [...]

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How Private Investigators Find Missing Children In Australia

There’s a drop in your stomach when you realise your child is missing. You start retracing your steps to where you last saw your child, calling their name. For older missing children, you’re ringing their [...]

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Private Investigators: Everything You Need To Know

What is a PI, and how much does a PI cost? Have you ever had a hunch that something wasn’t quite right? A niggling suspicion that you just can’t prove? The best way to discover [...]

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A skip trace no one else wanted!

We have just finished a skip trace assignment for an amazing client who wanted assurance her friend was safe and well. Her friend, an overseas national had disappeared over three years ago from an arranged [...]

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A successful launch of our Advanced Skip Trace Course

  Since I started teaching the Certificate III Investigative Services course back in 2014, I became acutely aware that the training they receive for this qualification, and the resources available, only gave them a basic [...]